I've done it all. Yes, this is one good reason you should want my services. I've worked on projects of varying size, scope and content. I've worked on anything that can be printed on paper (and other surfaces), websites, too. I've done branding and corporate identity. I've done HTML newsletters and banner ads.

I've worked with all manner of client, both for-profit and non. I've had my hands in the spectrum of a project's lifespan from conception to press checks. I know the Pantone color books forward and backward (well, just forward).

Really, the main reason you should contract me is because I work. I work often and I work hard to get your project done and done well. My skills are also complimented with a growing network of gifted programmers and fellow creative types. In short, whatever your need, we can get it done. Expectations are meant to be exceeded.

For a brief reminder of my work (new samples are added somewhat regularly), click here. To get a hold of me because my words have moved you, go here.